Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Someone should have been here with a video camera last night.

So I thought I got lucky and was going to get away with no pain after having my wisdom teeth taken out. Until last night this was true til it hit my like a fucking shitstorm on the whole left side of my face. From my tooth to my temple. I took ibuprofen first because I figured that would help with inflammation. Then I started to panic so I stuck a klonopin under my tongue. Then I fell asleep with ice my face and woke up numb. After that wore off then I gave in and took vicodin. Probably more than I should have because I was ready to cry.

I looked like the people on Intervention that you laugh at cause they are nodding off while they eat, smoke, talk, etc. I went out and got some animal crackers and milk to soak them in until they were soggy enough to kinda just mush around and swallow. I kept dozing off and having mini dreams while I was dunking them in this little plastic cup of milk and jerked awake with dripping cookies in my hand.

Even better, (or more pathetic) I was trying to tweet at the same time but I was seeing double so I couldn't. I woke up this morning with my earbuds in my ears and my fully charged Ipod off.

I'm supposed to get a new ID picture today.
I don't know if that's going to happen.

Is the pain in my temple normal?
Fuck this.

Congratulations to me for writing the dumbest post yet.

By the way, I just realized I typed this whole thing with one eye closed....




ForLoveAndEvil said...

That sounds like a whole lot of fun :S hope the pain goes away. Post wasn't that bad, was entertaining. Despite the pain you must be in. :)

Kanwalful said...

Aw babe. Get well soon!

zachary said...

I guess it's normal cuz the muscles in your jaw are connected to the temple, somehow.
Example, try immitating you're chewing something in front of the mirror, you can see the muscles around your temple are moving together with those on your jaw. What the hell am i saying?
Basically, muscles, nerves and all..WTF..

Get well soon..