Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's time to go honey

do you want to smoke a cigarette? do you want to smoke a hundred? your face brushes my cheek and then you remember..

if i had a fake ten dollar bill for every time you've interrupted my thoughts at the wrong time..

if i built you a time machine would you get in it with me?

if i told you i am feeling better and taking my medication would you forget the tantrum i threw in your bed?

this is for you and only you, call it your own personal word vomit 
and if you can make any sense of it, you're doing better than me...

If I could get the fire out from the wire
I’d share a life and I’d share a life
If I could take the fire out from the wire
I’d share a life and I’d share a life
If I could take the fire out from the wire
I’d take you where nobody knows you and
Nobody gives a damn
I said nobody knows you and
Nobody gives a damn

And I could take another hit for you
And I could take another trip for you
And I could take away the salt from you
Take away the skin and salt in you
And I could take away your shaky knees

So give me your eyes 
I need sunshine

-Sunset Rubdown

i am going to post a lot tonight 
because i have a lot in my head 
a boy said i have a lot of the internet
i share too much it's true
but what's a lonely girl to do
stop trying to rhyme you stupid bitch
and try to wrap your head around what happened tonight 

Friday, June 21, 2013

a wolf in the darkness, why do you linger so...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

"A blue whale’s heart is so big that a small child can swim through its veins."

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

it's here

skim milk blooms flowers at the surface of my second coffee today. i haven't slept yet. i haven't slept for the past two nights. my mind simply will not rest. every minute i feel the riptide that's a manic episode pulling me a little further under the surface, deeper into my own distorted reality. i should have seen it coming sooner. maybe i did i just don't remember. or i just didn't care. maybe i secretly wanted back on the ride. even knowing i'd be sick into a trash can surrounded by flies in the end. 

i would try to write more, to help me understand. but it's hard to form even a complete sentence in my head.

it's selfish, it is. i have the help i need but the pills make you fat and they put you outside the bubble that is the world that is still moving on without you.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

traced over your words like braille cupped the commas in my hands parenthesis stuck to the roof of my mouth 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

seven months

sometimes stephen will disappear for awhile and when he comes back he has a drawing of me and ink on his fingers, always promising "the next one will be better" but i can only wish to look like one of his doodles, so around my room i hang his little renditions with a pang of jealousy because i want to be one of these two dimensional versions of me , still, crisp and quiet and maybe even something that i don't mind looking at 

My friend Kevin wrote this and I really enjoy it.

are you the moon, or is too soon?
I need wolf advice, p*ssy tooth... i'm not used to bites.
the outer shell match her inner self,
kind of makes me want to pin the tail...
what's a donkey?
don't be alarmed, I own the car keys...
to your heart,
push love to start, love is art.
part angel, God I thank you,
my atheism becoming ungrateful.
wait boo...
is the feeling mutual?
or am I wasting time? that feeling is usual.
beautiful depression, dark rooms I rest in,
with thoughts of you, i'm doomed to erections.
you guessed right...
my sex life is my next wife,
I drink milk and can't help to think of breasts, yikes!
it's a been awhile...
hate to see her with bended smiles,
her innocence is my inner child.
wildlife? then howl twice.
let's prowl...
through the nights like owls.
had dreams of being her tattoos,
either a mistake or that rules...
that dude with his heart on his sleeve,
hardly loves, he just wants a girl to take his shirt off.
i rather keep mines in my chest...
so if we do undress,
you feel the heart in effect.
i'm reckless with my emotions,
it's pouring out like a sink that's broken.
an open book, please close him...
i'm ready for film now,
a romantic comedy...
can't wait til it comes out.

By: Kevin Roberts
Twitter: @WolfmanKev

Sunday, June 9, 2013

i didn't miss you until i tried to write again, grandma is singing hymns in the kitchen, i've seen far too much of this joke they call daytime, i'm a vampire i'm a vampire
i haven't slept for two days and i when i stand up the sounds around me grow fur.