Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Or, in this case, my ankle.


JenniAsh said...


I got your comment, and I'm glad you catched my flow. :) I wasn't sure whether you would think I was a freak or not. Hah.

I absolutely adore your blog.


Christopher said...

Ouch! If it makes you feel any better I cut a big gash in my palm the other day. It'd be slightly disturbed if it did make you feel better, maybe just someone to sympathize with is better.

Jezebel said...

Hope your alright
Still love your blog :)
Bonnie xx

Sam said...

I hope you damaged the door right back.
Hope it feels better!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hate it when that happens. It always seems like the smallest cuts like that hurt the most for some reason. At least for me. XD I hope you heal quickly. (:

Some Kind Of Funky! said...

Damn! That looked like it hurt!! You poor thang. Feel better.