Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are you a city girl? If so, what do you like most about the city? If not, what do you like about the suburbs / country?

I consider myself city girl because I want to. I've lived in a few different cities for short periods of time. I live in the heart of surburbia right now and it makes me sick.

I like cities like Philly or Boston. (The two I've lived in.) I like how I can get around by myself and there's so many people and a lot more oppurtunities.

The country is ok for short visits.

Philly is mostly likely my next stop. Hopefully before the year is out.



Sam said...

I'm definitely a city girl, I have lived in Downtown Orlando my entire life and I think I would go nuts if I lived away from the hustle and bustle, my favorite part is that no matter what night it is there's always something going on, whether it be a small show at a bar or ladies night. And the homeless people I love, it's the best thing to buy a pack of cigarettes and sit on a bench with them and have them tell you stories for cigarettes. Some of them have great story's and it makes you wonder why they chose this life over others.

christina said...

Exactly. I used to take this homeless/travelling kid to wendys.

jady said...

im a country boy livin in the city. or a city boy livin in the country.... how could u say you belong to either?

Christopher said...

City guy here, I had to move out to the burbs for periods of a couple years at a time and it was completely awful, I just can't take it.