Saturday, June 15, 2013

My friend Kevin wrote this and I really enjoy it.

are you the moon, or is too soon?
I need wolf advice, p*ssy tooth... i'm not used to bites.
the outer shell match her inner self,
kind of makes me want to pin the tail...
what's a donkey?
don't be alarmed, I own the car keys...
to your heart,
push love to start, love is art.
part angel, God I thank you,
my atheism becoming ungrateful.
wait boo...
is the feeling mutual?
or am I wasting time? that feeling is usual.
beautiful depression, dark rooms I rest in,
with thoughts of you, i'm doomed to erections.
you guessed right...
my sex life is my next wife,
I drink milk and can't help to think of breasts, yikes!
it's a been awhile...
hate to see her with bended smiles,
her innocence is my inner child.
wildlife? then howl twice.
let's prowl...
through the nights like owls.
had dreams of being her tattoos,
either a mistake or that rules...
that dude with his heart on his sleeve,
hardly loves, he just wants a girl to take his shirt off.
i rather keep mines in my chest...
so if we do undress,
you feel the heart in effect.
i'm reckless with my emotions,
it's pouring out like a sink that's broken.
an open book, please close him...
i'm ready for film now,
a romantic comedy...
can't wait til it comes out.

By: Kevin Roberts
Twitter: @WolfmanKev

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