Friday, September 7, 2012

I can't see what I'm writing very well I have been having problems with my eyes they are very expensive to keep up with but why because they are very important or are they
Who says we need them
Empty eye sockets crawling with worms
Youre dirty
People have dirtied you
Last night I slept on the softest and whitest bed that i have ever seen or had the pleasure to touch
But when I laid on it the perfumed sheets gave away to nails and a nail went into every square inch of my body but i didn't bleed I just listened to you breathing
I have created an alternate reality where I stab and stab and stab myself in the face and in the chest and nothing comes out but muscles hardly worthy to be called that
I don't want to drink whiskey anymore I want to read and learn how to knit and knit a cocoon and and i will wrap myself in it and it will be soft and
C u s h I o n t h e b l o ws

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Eva said...

I'll keep my eyes if I can get rid of my heart. It's a worthless thing to need.