Friday, September 28, 2012

it has been awhile since
i've written maybe
awhile for me can be two days or
two weeks it doesn't matter anymore
time moves so slowly
and i watch either content in a haze
or in a haze of white hot rage
wow that was dumb as fuck

anyway what should i write about

today in a cafe a really nice boy overhead me say i was jealous
of my grandma's coffee and asked
why i couldn't have any
i told him the caffeine makes my
anxiety worse
he brought me a mug of chamomile
tea and a bottle of lavender honey
and said
"here you go peter rabbit"
it is moments like that that touch me
the honey had a real sprig of
lavender in it
my grandma said she thought he
"fancied me"
i told her he was gay

i found a pair of boots i like
i think i will get them tomorrow

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