Friday, January 21, 2011

You told me that song was about me but that line could work for anyone couldn't it? Kind of like when someone takes what a psychic says and makes it meaningful to their horrible life and think they're genius? I paid a lot of money to try and fit their tellings into my life once. And then the lady tried to make me buy a rock that would make me happy.

I just told you I hate you three times but I spelled hate wrong once and I guess that means I don't hate you as much as I think I do.

I also told you that I can't write without you and it's true. Look at this mess. Stare. Dead eyes dead.

People comment your writing and say it's good. It is good. Because it makes me cry. And things that make me cry are usually good. When things are bad I don't cry. I throw things at my blank walls. Anyway. People comment your writing and say it's good. They comment mine too. The same people. Those people should give me a ride to come see you again. Wouldn't that be funny?

101 jokes.
It's gonna make you famous.
Joke #101 "How do you kill a kitten?"
"You smile."


Kaleidoscope Girl said...

This is good.

Eva said...

i like this because its written the way thoughts run through your mind. like thought, and regret, and sadness.

and i think its like something i remember feeling once. or twice....