Friday, November 12, 2010

Today is brought to you by the letter "M."
"M" for the imprint.
Money wasted.
It should be brought to you by the letter
For clean.
Maybe cutting.
Not myself, of course, but pictures from
fashion magazines that leave me
with a tiny shred of hope that someday I
will achieve my dream.
"C" for caring.
"Why do you take such good care
of me?"
"Because I love you and one day you'll
need to return the this simple favor."
I've been feeling ok lately, but that never
seems to last very long.
"C" for coffee to supress my appetite.
For clothes.
Too many or not enough.
Today brought to you by the number
For milligrams.
And the age that will creep up on me
before I know it.
by the number twenty-two.
How many years I have so far
And how before the next couple months
before this number changes, how I
need to make more changes before the
final number this day comes
that this day is brought to
you by.
The 29th of December.
My birthday.
I want to do good things with my life
by then.
I need to do good things with my life
by then.

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