Thursday, November 11, 2010

Straight up rambling.

your hand on the small of my back your breath smelling of beer and stale cigarettes the cheap kind the kind we bought after digging for change in the places where change tends to hide we talk about getting jobs getting a better place but I think for now we both know we are more comfortable under the covers movies playing over and over

"We have to set a date."
"It will be six months soon."

we both smile

is there a real need to lead what others would call a normal life right now i feel safer under these covers plus it it warm the weather has been ghastly recenly

someday it will all come together

for both of us

jobs will always be available and we have lived comfortably for this long

i want to stay under the covers all day most days because going out only shoves the fact in my face that i'm doing nothing with my life that other people my age are so much more advanced in their lives

i will be something



for now i'll just listen to you talking about how you miss yellow jolly ranchers and how they snuck in the blue ones not thinking us lemon fans would not notice

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