Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sharing your time, making sure I'm ok, asking if I'm dead yet.
Sharing my experinces, listening to feedback.
Sharing my body, only to you.

Sharing your room, making sure I have a roof over my head and a place for my belongings.
Sharing the little food you can afford, making sure I have a small bit of nourishment each day.
Sharing your love, and promising I'm the only one who recieves it.

Sharing my love, the only thing I really have to give at this hard time in my life.
Sharing my unwanted clothes, hoping to see someone less fortunate wearing them around
the neighborhood.
Sharing a smile, hoping it brightened your day if only for a second.
Sharing my share, so you can walk down the stairs, walk to the store.

Is this how you would define generosity?
These things are what first came to mind.

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