Sunday, October 17, 2010

I put a hat on over my tangled hair and went up the street. Dodging and tripping over trash the whole way. Kicking it off my shoe. It's everywhere. It's worse than ever.

It felt like I was walking through my own head. It's too full of shit. Thoughts tossing and turning. Like the trash, almost all I'd like to discard.

I get kind of lost in thought when I'm walking and the cars show no mercy. I mouth a sorry and dig for my keys.

That's probably the only fresh air I'll get today. If you call it fresh anyway.

Back to bed where my misfit family still sleeps after my many attempts to wake them. The rescued and my rescuer. Cuddled together.

I spilled my drink I bought from the store at the end of the trail of trash.

All that shit for nothing.


1 comment:

Christopher said...

ha, i've had days like that