Saturday, June 12, 2010

I got the worm before the early bird did only not in a literal sense i will save it and let it be eaten by a creature more powerful and stronger a creature that must survive on another living thing relating to that in a way that i can only explain to myself in my head needing something but not sure if i'm finding it in the right place in the right time your eyes are pinned my jaw is moving without my consent "can you give us a minute?" i've heard this too many times wondering what is being said in that sixty seconds while i am away "he's going through a lot" i know i'm here to help him while only hurting more nature vs nurture what does that mean did i say that right did i learn that in science class how do you nurture someone who has already been destroyed by the nature in which they reside not the bird but the doe the boy with doe eyes and a crack in his smile that only a mother could love while the motherly side of me finds it charming "i don't want to get put out" coming out ten minutes later while talking about Renfrew with your mother a smile on your face that i've been waiting for since i met you free of pain but not of the substances that are meant to control it trading them for the the things we prefer while swearing to stop but knowing the ride to west is more comforting than laying beside the toilet or sweating wrapped up in blankets in the king sized bed something has gone terribly wrong but terribly right and i can't find the middle ground either stuck in the sand or the dirt either way it is uncomfortable miscommunication lack of the knowledge of the lingo that i am expected to understand milking it for so long one can only wonder what your real motive is while you sit on the bed with former lovers while i type not caring for capitalization or punctuation . , > / ? ! fit that in wherever you will while the dog chews up razor blades and my leg is cut from the dollar broom and dustpan that was used to clean it up somewhere in the time of neglect bathroom doors were figured out how to be open while writing trying not to puke or worse

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