Thursday, May 6, 2010

never good with words they run around like roaches in my head hiding in the light racing in circles at dusk you can't save me now i won't starve to death i promise only halfway to death and then i'll eat the damn bagel just get me a pack of cigarettes and the splenda

never good with love but it rules my life a fuhrer forcing me to dwell on something so unattainable i haven't missed him yet and never will because my face still drips with the stink of his saliva i told of your motion retardation i still have the redbox

never been good with writing dreams halted from misuse of medicine left me uninspired is that plagiarism to summarize something such a miraculous organ creates just give me some sleeping pills but not the ones that make me wake up soaking in sweat and not caring to wash it off when the sun is high in the fucking doomed sky


Eva said...

Wow, I loved this. It was so vivid.

ohmisskayla said...

i fucking love this.

Kanwalful said...

Never good with words?! You suffer from amnesia.