Saturday, May 15, 2010

I went to Saturday's Market with Christie today. I was in my shopping element. Best flea market type place I have ever been to. I bought a lot of stuff and hardly spent anything. Let's see..

Two DVDs for my sister and I to watch ($4)
Natural hand, dish detergent, and soap for my mom ($6)
Two vials of the body oil I love and can't find anywhere else. ($5)
Three pairs of huge earrings ($1) Pictures to come because they're awesome.
Three bars of goat's milk hand soap ($5)
Two rings. One for me and one for Christie ($2)
I think that's it.
So under $25 spent on me and my family.

I also bought christie the cutest necklace cause I love her. Fake Chanel, it has a carousel on it. Really cute.

Then on a whim I got my nose pierced at the stand that 717 Tats and Piercings has there. I know a lot of them. Good people. Hopefully the fourth time's a charm.


After I got home I went to the barn with my little sister to watch her ride. She jumped her pony for like an hour and it was really beautiful and I can't believe I've never seen her do it before. When I move to Philly I'm gonna miss little farms with animals and cute stuff. Well, maybe not so much. I will miss Melissa like crazy though...

I got out a lot today. I'm proud of myself and had a really good day. The couch needed a break from my ass anyway.

How was everyone's day?


zachary said...

yes..yes..I spent lotsa time out yesterday shopping for a gift for my friend's wedding. I'm going out again tonight for the wedding dinner. HAHA..happy!

JenniAsh said...

My day was long. I read the whole of the Lord of the Flies and made notes on it for my English literature exam and whilst doing so I drank waaaay too much coffee. Hahah.