Thursday, May 20, 2010


I haven't slept.
I'm trying.
No I'm not.
I want to be in water.
Wicked bad.
Photos of people jumping
into water grab my attention like
not much else can these days.
Not shower water.
I was in shower water today and
I was very unhappy.
I have dreams about water.
The temperature of it is something
that can't exist in real life.
Maybe somewhere I'll never be able
to go.
It costs money to go beautiful places.
That makes me really mad.
What do dreams about water mean?
What do night sweats say
about your health?
I guess that's those are kind of
like being in water.
Very uncomfortable water.
Now I'm thirsty.
Not for water though.
Maybe tea.
That's all I drink.
Hot tea and water.
Not counting whiskey and beer.
It's too early for all that nonsense.
My favorite song just came on my
The chorus goes like this...

AAAS IIII DDD SSSS HHHH III VVV I can not wait to die, can you tell, can't you tell can you tell?

He just spells out AIDS and HIV
over and over...
The song makes me happy.
It's a very sad song.
I always find it funny how that works.

Xiu xiu - hives hives

If you care.
Which you don't.


zachary said...


christina said...

Hey dear...

christina said...

Hey dear...

Erich said...

I love depressing music. It makes me very happy.

Eva said...

I have dreams about water. I looked it up once. It was interesting how accurate they were.