Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last night I had a dream and I woke up very anxious. It involved dreadlocks, running out of a school classroom and my birth mom. I think the dreadlocks had to do with my depression and the months that I spent on the couch without caring to even brush my hair. I spent so much time laying down it just twisted itself into an irreversible mess. The part about running out of school and then eventually coming back, I thought it must be about me dropping out of high school. My need to get my GED and to get back into school. In the dream a teacher chased me down the street and brought me back into the classroom. I've been keeping a lot inside about my birth mother. I need to get it out. I did talk to her the other day, which is why she must have appeared in that dream.

When I woke up it took two klonopin to calm my panic.
I need a way to have a peaceful and dreamless sleep.
I need to get these things out that bother me so much
they manifest into dreams.


Eva said...

Dreams seem to always be a manifestation of the things that bother us. It's difficult because we can't control them. And usually those are the thoughts we wish we could control.

I have nothing to declare but my genius said...

Hey you have an award at my blog - loving the work by the way