Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the wind sways the porch swing back and forth too little weight to hold it down wishes of your presence crossing my mind that's too full of unnecessary maybe made up problems and even if true you would be here to hold my temples to steady my thoughts

"your car should last a year."

wishes to not even have the need for four wheels by then, where you are headed. where am i headed?

its cold without your shivers shaking me telling half truths for i rarely am cold cigarettes burning too fast yours last long after mine are burning the filter

i saw three UFOs but not really if you were here i would have suggested otherwise to spark conversations of coast to coast and and living things thriving where we could not

we are stuck here on earth for as long as it allows and until then wishing to help you through every action

looking at you on our drive to the ER
unable to decipher
whether it was annoyance fatigue or worry
that you wore on your face

we seem to always be those three things these days

adopting it as my job to take care of you

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