Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two eyes shining in a black room maybe an animal or maybe something more sinister /pills swallowed with chocolate milk unsettle twenty something stomachs as I look on /the last place I last saw him with tubes thrust in his mouth the place I return to be cut open /blocking the noise of pseudo mothers gagging from animal piss /take three in the morning one orange one white one blue /dreams more sweet than the happiest reality interrupted by something sitting beside me but nothing is there at all /thrown into an endless fall from the cushions to the floor like a baby down a well /teen brains tinker with technology wide eyes at the images I've been used to seeing in my same years /confusion and depersonalization /hypochondriacs told not to worry like a zebra being told it doesn't have stripes /a spiral down and downers to bring them back up

1 comment:

jady said...

zebras don't have must be goin insane!
i love you