Thursday, February 11, 2010

that is my sink. that is my hand. i was writing in my notebook and the blood just started gushing.
this is a few hours after i woke up with my face stuck to a massive amount of blood on my pillow.
half of it went down my throat.
i did not try glamorize this picture to and look "cool." like, "hey look at my blood i'm so hardcore."
i actually took it to show my family and my doctor.
everybody tells me not to be scared.
they're not the ones who cannot stay awake, have no appetites, and have incessant
nose bleeds.
If I was prone to nose bleeds I would probably think this was hilarious. I think the last time I had one I was like twelve. Now they come out of nowhere everyday. Not ok with me.


Shandi said...

Oh no...that doesn't look good, i say: be very scared and tell your doctor to stop being a fucker and help you!

gloriathatghost said...

lady, i hope you find out what's causing this and that your health improves. time to find a new doctor if this one isn't helping.

Ashlie said...

i used to get a lot of nosebleeds when i was younger. mostly in my sleep. i'd wake up and my face and pillow would be caked in blood. my nose would randomly bleed, especially if someone bumped it. it hasn't happened in years. if your doctor doesn't give you an answer then find a new doctor.

Eva said...

This is not good. I hope this picture opens their eyes and I hope things get better.

Christopher said...

Yea that doesn't look good at all. I had em when I was younger but they look worse all grownup.

jady said...

this is hardcore as fuck!

Kanwalful said...

Girl, you need to be seeing a doctor. Take yourself seriously. I'm getting angry now.

christina said...

Dude, I went two days ago. Do tors know nothing. :(