Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Since i've been keeping you updating on my health without really meaning to I guess I won't stop now. I had a doc appointment yesterday and I found out that I am anemic and that is part of the reason I have been sleeping sooo much.

I also found out that I have to have to a biopsy done on a lump I have by my left hip bone. They told me not to worry and that it is just a precaution. They want to make sure it isn't cancer. Telling someone like me not to worry is a lost cause, so I'll be sleeping and crying until the surgeon calls to schedule me. They told me they are glad they caught it early and looked worried. It was just horrible to hear the word cancer in relation to me. My father passed from cancer and that isn't helping my worries.

When it rains it pours.

So keep me in your thoughts/prayers or whatever you do and I guess I'll keep you updated.


Kanwalful said...

Christina, please don't worry so much. Stress will worsen your health. My mother had breast cancer too and she pulled through it, because of prayers and being strong.

So you HAVE to be strong babe. My prayers are with you.

Small Bird said...

:( I don't know what to say except try & be strong. I'm anemic too, and I've got this random ass autonomic dysfunction with my blood vessels, I was born missing some adult teeth (molars mostly) & certain bones where those teeth were supposed to be. I get infections all the time because my gums recede over the bone implants I have, and this is all way too much information, but what I wanted to say was it sucks having your body shit on you all the time. (Not literally, but that would suck too. Looking on the bright side, I'm glad my body doesn't shit itself.)

Also, I got my period this morning while I was in the shower shaving my thigh. Scared the SHIT out of me.
Couldn't find where the blood was coming from.

Waaaaay too much information, but maybe that will make you laugh.


Christopher said...

A friend of mine recently had to do that with a lump he had too. Turned out to be nothing but he was pretty freaked out for a while there. Here's hoping you have the same luck.

Shandi said...

its nothing. everything will be good. until then, my advice would be to get sloppy drunk and really high and stay that way until you get the call telling you that it's nothing. that's what i would do.

but for real, for real?

i hope it's nothing.

Kristen said...

i know exactly how you feel. i had a lump in my throat in 9th grade and the doctor was all "it's nothing, we just want to make sure it's not cancer" and i had to get a cat-scan and for a week or so i couldn't sleep and i was so scared. thank god it was nothing and i really hope that your situation works out well!

katieleigh said...

gah, anemia isn't fun but it's treatable. so hang in there.

try not to stress out (although i understand that's easier said than done)

i'm sorry to hear about your father


zachary said...

I had a friend who just died a couple of months ago from throat cancer. Praying for you.