Sunday, February 28, 2010

My little sister just woke me up to show me a series of pictures that were taken on her phone at the EXACT same time, which on her phone is impossible. She woke up to that little fake shutter sound that camera phones make. All the pictures were black, her room is very natually lit right now. They all had three purple orbs and a couple had whitish streaks. She also claims her she had her phone flipped the other way when she went to bed but who can really remember that. I've never seen her look so serious though.

I dreamt that I was physically pushing something off of me but it felt like that stage when you are not quite awake, or asleep.

My stepmom is feverishly looking for a new house but won't admit why.

We know.

I just really need to get the fuck back out on my own.

I don't know if it either of thoae things would help because whatever it is seems too connected with us/me.

This is all new and real to me, if you have helpful feedback I'd love it. If you have somethin dumb to say, please refrain.


Kanwalful said...

Demons/jinns sometimes do haunt certain people and get after them.

In my religion there are people who can rid others off this sort of demonic followings.

I think that what you feel is probably real and is happening to you. You have to figure out what to do about it though. It's enough to drive someone off the edge.

Layla Winterborne said...

My little sister had a "Man in Black" who followed her around until she finally convinced herself that he wasn't real...I believe that he's still there but she is in denial.

Most of the time, they're not there to harm you in any way...that's what you really have to decide in order to move forward accordingly.

Chase said...

somethin's fightin for you.

-willing to fight with you.

kim said...

creepy. and the pix too.
yes, living at home sucks. i, too, need to get out.

sorry for not being more helpful.

XXX, Kim

Anonymous said...

Orbs aren't symbols of demons. Especially not purple ones. A violet or purple orb is a signification of a spirit that is in need of serious help and is stuck in a place between here and wherever we go after death. That makes a lot of sense actually. It is trying to get answers and guidance, and by trying to get you to help it's draining you of energy. White streaks are ectoplasms, just energy surges created by whatever it is around you. The fact that it took these pictures of itself is a cry for help. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to it wanting to harm you. You just need to find someone that knows how to communicate and open that doorway for it. This thing needs guidance. If the presence in your house were a demon, the orbs would be red if there were anything, but 9 times out of ten a demon never shows itself in that form. Usually demons appear in strange shapes and make lots of loud threatening noises.