Monday, February 1, 2010

january moons ring around the rosie sucking the milky white of the sky through scabbed and bloody noses the words ending in -ate running through pink matter spilling into the toilet no tissues left for the rich family to wipe their face felines once feral tamed the rotting of teeth the resin of disease i couldnt get away in the night if i needed my eyes are blurred and infested with demons hats off to those who make it through the day unscathed none of us do the day is a scam the night is a whore cum in her hair limp in her step they want nothing more than failure keeping chemicals running through bodies too small to handle such pressure faces in every knot in the wood some of them yours some of them fatherhood sleep never comes easy while weeping eating never comes easy while in such a state served on a silver platter my hands and my waist


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Eva said...

Was that your stream of consciousness? It was quite interesting.