Friday, February 19, 2010

Have you ever had a specific event/day in your life that put a new perspective on everything, and made you realize how worthless/unimportant material things are?

People seem to be reading my mind today. Today I thought for quite awhile about throwing/giving all my stuff away minus a few outfits. I want to travel with nothing but a backpack and the bare neccesities. I have done it before for very short amounts of time. I had plans with other people to travel. Some people said I wasn't ready for it but I've never been more ready for anything. I go into my room and look at all my shit and get really mad because I don't want it. I don't need it. There are so many people with nothing. I want adventure. I feel really trapped where I am and I am sick and no one (doctors) aren't helping me and I am tired of counting on other people. I want to find some travelling partners who know a little more than I do about it, take my boyfriend along, and go.


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