Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the proof is in the armpit pudding.

body odor, especially in the underarm area, can be a touchy and to some people disgusting subject. I have had thoughts on this for awhile and i think i can finally prove them.

ok, i very VERY rarely wear deodorant. i could say never wear it. my armpits aren't sweaty, so maybe i'm lucky on that front. they don't stink. they have a smell occasionally but i wouldn't call it bad. maybe you would. i don't know, come smell me sometime.


the past couple days i have worn deodorant for some reason or the other. i just liked the smell of it.

today i woke up and i stink. i mean, 'god i gotta get away from this girl before i barf', stink.

i think it is because i have been wearing deodorant for the last week or so and now i stopped.

(this could all be irrelevant to anyone but me because if you know me at all, you know my appreciation for good, stale, natural body odors. it's a pheromone. everyone has their own unique smell. we all know this. btw pheromones = lostasex.)

the same way that if you wash your hair everyday you can hardly go a day without washing it. cause it gets all greasy on top. and stringy and nasty. you can slick it back and it won't move unless you move it. where if you wash your hair like once every week or two like i do it doesn't get greasy. it really doesn't. i am asked how i do my hair all the time. "omg loves it, how do you get it like that?" "well, um. i don't wash it?" "ew."

i also never use any face products. cleansers, mousterizers, etc. i have never had problems with my skin. even after scrubbing off days old pancake makeup. i mean the occasional blemish here or there (but don't we all have these?) and this weird line i have across my nose.. but i digress.

now that i have to come to a conclusion i don't know what to say.
other than.... um... deoderant costs money you could be spending on beer and you don't actually need it? if you don't shower in the morning that's like twenty more minutes you could be sleeping? wearing deoderant = stinkier in the long run? dirty hair = workability and volume?

yeah, that's the best i can do.
and this is my longest post ever. and of course it's about armpits.
uh, fuck.
conclusion fail.
your thoughts?
i don't know.


Anonymous said...

i agree with everything you just said. i don't use face products either. the first time i did my face broke out. it's a conspiracy. buy the products and then you're forced to use them all the time.

jady said...

antiperspirants force your body to retain harmful toxins and it kills you. some ppl shud wear deodorant tho bcuz they smell like shit...naturally tho, i smell like a god.

*Trisha* said...

Hmmm.. my science brain is contemplating this one...

You know how your body has good bacteria ('normal flora'=medical term) all over it? Well, maybe the deodorant was actually killing your good bacteria and leaving more room for the bad ones to set up shop. The bad smell in peoples armpits is usually a waste product of bacteria. No bacteria = no bad smell.

The over-sanitization occurring in the US right now is actually bad for us. We are killing off good bugs, making more room for the bad ones to hang out.

but that's just my opinion... and the opinion of many science scholars... ;) I, personally, have done no research on the matter... just learned from those that have.

Oh, and I don't wash my hair very often either... I can't go a whole week... but 5 days is definitely doable


Kanwalful said...

I totally agree - not washing my hair for over 4 days gets me the nicest waves. They look great that way.

And my skin is doing pretty great too, now that I'm off 101 cleansers!!!