Saturday, January 9, 2010


i just woke up feeling really horrible.
(thanks panic disorder, you are my only friend.
a bad one, but constant.)
i thought i'd share a little thing i wrote.
it's on the post below this one.
i dont know.
it's four in the morning.
i just need to keep myself busy for a few minutes more.
i feel feverish.
my nose is stuffy and my head itches.
i guess when it rains it pours.
i'm really not usually one to complain this much.
i might start using capital letters again.
i just saw an ad on the side of my facebook page that read
"false teeth are not fun."
i feel kind of better now cause that's just amazing.
why is that awesome to me?
i need a lobotomy.
panic passed.
i've actually learned to control it really well.
i'm not paralyzed straight like a pencil on the couch
that much anymore.
and cut.
that is enought about me.

so,how are you guys?
my little night owls.
my early birds.

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