Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just a couple I just answered. More to come.

What's your most prized possesion?

My cat phinease.
My most prized possession that doesn't breathe would have to be my notebooks or this one pair of pants I couldn't get rid of if you paid me.

If I gave you $200, would you shave a quarter of your head?

Yes. I would probably do it for free. I've always wanted to, actually. It might come to that actually if my hair keeps dreading together entirely on its own.

If you give a mouse a cookie, would he want a glass of milk?

If you give a mouse a cook you have to give a moose a muffin.

will u write me a haiku and are you so pretty?

thread in a machine
no electricity now
holes in clothes forever //edit. HAHAH HAIKU FAIL.

just off the top of my head.
there's a sewing machine on the table.
I like writing haikus.
I'm gonna go write some more.

will you have my satanic child?

"I admit i've had children with satan."


Christina In Wonderland said...

I think we all have a pair of pants that if someone paid us we still wouldn't give them away. :D

Stephanie C said...

haaaa! You know the book! hahaha I'm not so much a fan of the moose cause I think the cookie was more of a bastard.

jady said...

the last line on your haiku has 6 syllables. FAIL