Saturday, January 23, 2010

Belated self healing.

He had a wife.
They had a baby on the way.
He was way older than me.
He gave me his business card.

He had a girlfriend.
They had a baby on the way.
He wanted to have "drinks."
He was straight edge.

I said no, but I was too weak
to physically fight back.
Both of them, they will burn in
their own personal hell.

I have been listening to Joanna Newom
all day. I used to listen to her a couple
years back until i was told
I wasn't allowed to anymore. It came
to no suprise to me as I wasn't allowed much.
"I don't like her voice." cracked.
"Your shirt is too low cut." ripped.
"Your cat makes too much noise." kicked.
"Don't try to defend yourself you worthless
cunt." choked.

Tell him that i'm gonna wish on
satan's grave that he gets split in half.


Eva said...

Too close to home at one time. Almost had to look away. But didn't. I think your words make me stronger.

christina said...

As do yours.
I almost didn't post it.
It's part of a healing process which maybe doesn't need to be made public.
I've never really been one to hold things in well.

Eva said...

Me either. As you can probably tell. I just keep telling myself if its public it isn't real anymore and then I don't need to exist with it. It's bound to work eventually.

Allie said...

This is so in sync with my life that it's almost scary. I'm so glad you posted it- I think that a huge part of having strength is the ability to share fears and insecurities with others.

Evie Stewart said...

Your an awesome writer! Keep doing it.