Friday, December 11, 2009

Ten Favorite Places To Be:
10. Bed.
9. Philly.
8. At the movies.
7. Salvation Army.
6. In the car.
5. Book stores.
4. At a friends.
3. Bathtub.
2. Motels.
1. Small spaces.

Nine ‘Weird’ Things About You:
9. In the shower, i have to put some shampoo on the floor before putting it on my head.
8. My obvious obsession with teeth.
7. I don't wear deoderant. You shouldn't either.
6. I'm not sure i know how to spell deoderant.
5. I can't go through revolving doors.
4. I pick my food apart into little pieces.
3. I have to sleep with something covering my head.
2. In high school i went by my last name.
1. I like big noses.
Eight New Year Resolutions:
8. Lose a few lbs.
7. Read more books.
6. Quit being a lazy asshole.
5. Be happy or something.
4. Help others.
3. G.E.D.
2. Write more.
1. Learn to knit.

Seven Things I’m Thinking Of:
7. Where's wolfer?
6. Pumpkin bread.
5. How i'm too lazy to make pumpkin bread.
4. How long it's taking me to do this stupid thing.
3. Why are my eyes so itchy?
2. Why am i so cold?
1. Where's my phone?

Six Things You’re Wearing Right Now:
6. Ponytail holder.
5. Hoodie.
4. Black shirt.
3. White boxer briefs (yeah, stil.l)
2. Green scrub pants i stole from the hospital.
1. Contacts

Five Things I’m Worried about:
5. Exhaustion.
4. Indifference.
3. Panic attacks.
2. Medication.
1. Stupid shit.

Four Things On My Floor Right Now:
4. Dirty clothes.
3. A bag of vomit. (No shit.)
2. A tutu.
1. Papers.

Three Things I Want To Do Tomorrow.
3. Drink Tea.
2. Take naps.
1. Get some cigarettes.

Two Things I’ll Reveal:
1. I dont fucking know.
2. I don't really fucking care.
One Secret I’ll Share:
1. I picked my nose a lot today.

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ohmisskayla said...

don't lose any pounds. you're very small and probably afraid of giants.