Thursday, December 31, 2009

i ignore grammar/spelling at 3am.

i just went back to the beginning of this blog and read up until now.
not that i have too many pages.


i started it in august and have 242 posts.
if i ever needed any more proof that i need a life that would be it.
actually, i really would rather not have a life with people around here so it's alright.

it's interesting to see how i formatted my posts and shit when i first started this. if i did them that way now it would mess with my ever-developing ocd and need for things to be even on things i create.

..yeah, they are really bugging me. i'm not gonna look at them anymore.

i also wrote a lot about really vivid dreams i would have.
i don't have those anymore.

i go through stages with writing, but the writings i post on here are just small selections most of the time.

the wolf pictures started in october and haven't stopped since.

the pictures of blood, teeth, and bloody teeth haven't stopped either.

there are large breaks in posts from when i was "away".

you can track my mental ups and downs, my near nervous breakdowns, my happier stages. this to me is particularly interesting, but i'm sure it's this way on anyone's blog.

oh yeah and..

you can also see what clothes, shoes, etc. that i would kill you to own.

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