Sunday, December 27, 2009

bridal showers.

everybody has their thing. drugs, arranging things on the bathroom sink for hours on end, stealing from churches, pulling out their hair strand by strand.



half a klonopin, a huge blue stuffed dinosaur shoved between my legs, its head tucked under my chin and an ipod with no headphones resting on my right temple. a year round hibernator, i'm known for my sleeping habits. something doesn't go right, goodnight christina. into a coma i go.

see, everybody has their thing.

what's yours?


*Trisha* said...

Hm, sleeping has been my thing before.

I actually wrote this.. not that it's awesome or anything... but uh.. yea.. here it is if you're interested:

Sleep, are you friend or foe?
Maybe I shall never really know.

Kinda cute, no? Meh.

Yea, if anything has ever been my thing, it's sleeping :)

Kanwalful said...

I'm a sleep-er too. Been sleeping 14 hours everyday - this winter break. Bliss.