Monday, November 2, 2009

my head hurts so bad. my scalp i mean. my hair is pulling and knotting up in all the wrong directions. its clipped too tight. i'm not doing anything about it. i probably never will. i'll just complain all the time. i'll just get bald spots. i asked you if you would still like me if i had bald spots. i think you said yes.

i hope you said yes because i think it is happening.

today when i was in the shower i thought of at least a hunderd big words that started with V. they were all around nine letters long. now i can't think of any. except viscosity. and you just said vagina so i guess that. vaginal.

no, no..

that's only seven letters.. that won't do.

i'm really sore today. because i slept in the crack between the back of the couch and the cushions. i think it's because i thought you were still sleeping next to me. but you had left long before. well i can't say too long before cause i'm not really sure what time you left. i just remember being really uncomfortable and a little scared of how dark it was after you did so.

it wasn't even really that dark..

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