Thursday, November 12, 2009

i need to go to my room.
i need to sit in my room while someone deadbolts
the door.
from the outside.
if this can't happen i will build
something magnificent in front of the door.
from the inside.
i will probably be too lazy to move everything
so i can get out.
people will be able to open the door
and peer over the structure to
make sure i'm still alive.
of course i will be.
i will just need to pee really bad.
i will take all my books and all
the pens in the house.
to my room.
i will also take a dictionary.
maybe phineas will come too.
if i feel like being nice to myself i will
take a heater.
my room is so cold.
it's like there's a lot of dead people hanging
you can come visit me if you want.
but i will not be coming out.
until something is achieved.
just something.

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